About The Wall of Something

The Wall of Some­thing is an elec­tron­ic bul­letin board cre­at­ed by the Venet­ian Golf and Riv­er Club Com­mu­ni­ty Asso­ci­a­tion (VGRCCA) exclu­sive­ly for the use of cur­rent VGRC residents.

By using this site, you agree to the con­di­tions out­lined on this page.

You must use your first and last name (Full Name) on your profile.

The pur­pose of the Wall allows res­i­dents to post items including:

Rec­om­men­da­tions for ser­vices (i.e. med­ical, repair, pet sitting)
Some­thing you are in search of (ISO) rent­ing, leas­ing or borrowing
Some­thing non­po­lit­i­cal that you would like to orga­nize (i.e. Bird Watch­ing Club)
Some­thing you want to sell or rent
Items you would like to lend out for free (i.e. wheel­chair, bicy­cle, baby stroller)
A home or rental prop­er­ty (loca­tion lim­it­ed to VGRC only)
Questions/Comments about places of inter­est (i.e. places to vis­it in Sara­so­ta, great places to eat)
Your post must fit into one of the cat­e­gories on this site (ISO, Lend, Sell, Rent, Rec­om­men­da­tions.) We kind­ly ask that you place your post on the cor­rect page so that oth­er res­i­dents can find the infor­ma­tion eas­i­ly. Rec­om­men­da­tions have a drop down menu and you must choose at least one iden­ti­fi­er for your post (Din­ing, Ser­vice Providers, Med­ical Pro­fes­sion­als, Points of Inter­est, Things to Do Around Town, Vaca­tion Spots.)

This Wall is a Mes­sag­ing “Bul­letin Board” not a “Chat Room,” the VGRCCA is ask­ing that the fol­low­ing NOT be includ­ed in your posting:

Items relat­ed to race, reli­gion, gen­der, sex­u­al ori­en­ta­tion or eth­nic background
Neg­a­tive com­ments about the cur­rent and future poli­cies and oper­a­tion of the CDD, POA or the VGRCCA
A pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive com­ment about a cur­rent elect­ed offi­cial and/or a can­di­date run­ning for a polit­i­cal office
Any post or com­ment that does not con­form to one of the cat­e­gories on this site
The pur­pose is to keep the Wall pos­i­tive, of inter­est to our res­i­dents, of val­ue to our res­i­dents, and of ser­vice to our res­i­dents. For the best inter­est of our com­mu­ni­ty, The Wall of Some­thing is not a sound­ing board for neg­a­tive and caus­tic com­ments. There­fore, the VGRCCA reserves the right to edit or delete a post­ing or deny a res­i­dent the oppor­tu­ni­ty to post due to a series of mis­use of the Wall. Any users vio­lat­ing the terms and con­di­tions will have their posts delet­ed and will be sent two “warn­ing” emails. If vio­la­tions per­sist, the user’s account will be removed from the system.

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