Hurricane Readiness Team Application

Please com­plete this appli­ca­tion and click SUBMIT at the bot­tom to send it
(If both home occu­pants are inter­est­ed in serv­ing on the HRT, please fill out sep­a­rate forms)


Includes such tasks as: 
  • going door to door to check on well-being of res­i­dents after a hurricane
  • tak­ing inven­to­ry of dam­age around the community
  • clear­ing of debris block­ing road access
  • post­ing detour or oth­er sig­nage around the community


Includes such tasks as: 
  • Staffing the Venet­ian Front Gate after depar­ture of pri­va­cy patrol
  • Assist in the over­all secu­ri­ty of the VGRC as assigned.
(it is assumed that this is the phone that receives text messages)